BOB WARK'S LIBERTY - Testimonials - Merion Station, PA
BOB WARK'S LIBERTY - Complete One Stop Auto Repairs


  • After taking my car to so many other places where the mechanics could not actually fix my car; they could only change fluids, fix tires, flush radiator...just basics, I now consider myself lucky to have found Warks to do the repairs my Dodge needed.  I had not done anythng to the car for 2 years and it is a 2002. I feel that not only did Wark's do an excellent of repairing but that the prices were reasonable for their great service and ability. Their rates are the same as other places but your vehicle is fixed correctly. Anytime you go to another shop and complain about another shop's estimate, of course they are going to twist it so they are the greatest, cheapest and the most honest. Wark's does not need to do that. They tell it like it is, they let you know what can or cannot wait and their estimates are right on. You pay for what you get and what you get at Wark's is service that makes your car run better and longer. I work in the area and that is how I started taking my car here.

  • I take my car, SUV and pick-up truck here for all repairs and inspections.  They have never steered me wrong and their pricing is right in line with any other repair shops.  Everyone is always very friendly and willing to take the time to explain what needs a repair now vs. later and why it needs to be repaired.  If your vehicle needs work done I definitely recommend giving them a try!
    Jen B.

  • I live in the area and LOVE Wark's.  Not only is the gas price good, but also I always find prompt helpful service.  Car repairs, inspection, and service are a given.  But recently I took a child's toy there because I couldn't get a battery case open, and Jay fixed the problem cheerfully.  Another time I needed help moving some furniture from my home into a storage area; I asked for help at Wark's and was able to hire two of the employees to help me out.  I don't know what I'd do without Wark's!                                                         Judy D.

  • I have always had a great experience with Wark's Liberty. Rich and the rest of the staff are super friendly. My car is always done in a reasonable amount of time, and they always go through what my vehicle needs or will need in the upcoming future. I love when they make a fuss over my dogs when I stop in for gas;)                      Amanda H.

  •      I've been taking my car here for 6 or 7 years now, and I have never once regretted it.  They always make sure to tell me every detail, every little thing that needs to be repaired, looked at, or replaced.  I have never once felt like I was being misinformed or taken advantage of.  When repairs get expensive (for example, the stock tires for my car are 400 each), they have always shown a willingness to find me a better deal if possible.  Not only that, they are extremely accommodating for drop offs and pick ups - I've never had a problem taking my car in at any time in the morning and having it ready to go by the afternoon.Overall I can't recommend Wark's enough, great service, great prices, and a friendly atmosphere.                    
    Dave B.

  • Great place. Great service. Great prices. Highly recommend.
          Tim D. 

  •  I've been a customer here for years.  I recommend this place to everyone I know.  I've never had a problem and I won't  go anywhere else.  They are courteous, polite, honest and dependable.  Their prices are great and they are willing to accommodate every need.  Everyone there is very friendly and helpful. The fact that they have been in this community for so long speaks volumes.  Wark's is obviously a good place to go.  I highly recommend them!                                                                                                                              Janet U.

  • THIS is the ONLY shop I will allow to work on BOTH of my cars! I don't trust anybody else !! I know when I have my cars fixed there that I and my daughters are safe. I have been met by smiles and politeness every time I come in to the office and I have always been satisfied with the work done to my vehicles. I highly recommend Bob Wark's Liberty for excellent and trust-worthyservice.                                                                               Lisa P.